The size of the heat Press Machine is 38x38cm ,and is suitable for ironing and printing all kinds of flat products such as clothes, bed sheets, metal plates, plastic plates, rock plates and mobile phone cases. The machines are available in different sizes, and are evenly heated, durable and cost-effective.
Name:Heat press machine (38x38cm)
Material:Iron, aluminum plate, silica gel plate, LED display
Temperature range:0-220 degrees
Time range:0-999S time
Stamping area:38 x 38cm
Gross weight:113KG
Packing size:42脳42脳45cm
1. Aluminum heating plate makes the surface of hot pressing even.
2. Apply Teflon on the hot plate to make the hot stamping machine look convenient and beautiful.
3. The transfer time can be set, and the signal will indicate when the transfer is completed.
4. An auxiliary spring is set to make pressing easier.
5. Hot stamping area is optional, commonly used is 38*38cm
can carve a lot of different materials
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