The nitrile rubber conveyor belt is coated with a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It is produced by low-temperature emulsion polymerization, with excellent oil resistance, high abrasion resistance, good heat resistance and strong adhesion. It also has good water resistance, air tightness and excellent bonding properties. Nitrile rubber conveyor belt are extremely flexible and resistant to chemical materials such as fats and lubricants. Guangfan is used to manufacture oil-resistant rubber products. Available thickness: 1mm to 6mm, we provide these PVC conveyor belts at market leading prices and fast delivery times.
Model Thickness
(mm) Material Color Hardness Structure Minimum pulley diameter
(mm) 1%fixed elongation
(N) Tensile strength (N/mm) Temperature
11P1/WD 1 PVC Green
Dark green
Gray 75 1ply1fabric 20 4 50 -10-+80
21P1.5/WD 1.5 PVC 75 2ply2fabric 40 5 80 -10-+80
21P2/WD 2 PVC 75 2ply2fabric 40 8 120 -10-+80
21P3/WD 3 PVC 75 2ply2fabric 60 8 100 -10-+80
31P4/WD 4 PVC 75 3ply3fabric 80 12 150 -10-+80
31P5/WD 5 PVC 75 3ply3fabric 100 12 150 -10-+80
41P6/WD 6 PVC 75 4ply4fabric 150 15 180 -10-+80
51P8/WD 8 PVC 75 5ply5fabric 220 20 230 -10-+80

Our Service锛?/strong>
a. Rich production experience: We specialize in the design and production of conveyor belts and have more than ten years of experience.
b. Complete production equipment: We have a complete production line and regularly maintain these machines to ensure their normal operation.
C. High-quality raw materials: We will screen suppliers and select the most reliable suppliers, high-quality raw materials, and produce reliable quality products to meet market demand!
d. Strict physical and chemical test procedures: meet product design and process requirements, and provide reliable test data.
e. Short delivery time: rigorous technical procedures, smooth work arrangements and skilled technical workers ensure timely and effective delivery.
F. Safety packaging: Before shipment, we pack the goods tightly, waterproof, prevent damage, and finally pack them in airworthy packaging or wooden boxes.
G. The best after-sales service: Our customers come from all over the world. The products are exported to more than 20 countries, and the products are trusted by customers at home and abroad and abroad. China Other Belt