Fast Delivery 3D Fold Dust Reusable FFP2KN95 Face Mask
About KN95 Mask
1. The design fits closely, forming a seal between the face and the face mask, forcing air through the filter.
2. The protective mask is made of high-quality cotton, melt-blown filter material and non-woven fabric.
3. Easy to breathe
4. The 4-layer protective layer can resist 95% of non-oily particles, dust, pollen, smoke and other pollutants.
5. Highly elastic ears have sufficient elasticity to seal well, without tightness, and slow breathing resistance.
6. With adjustable mirror nose to ensure correct installation
KN95 disposable mask/ Let's fight with Covid-19
* Filtration rate: 鈮?5%
* Standard: GB2626-2006 KN 95
* Type: Earhook
* White color
* Packing: 50pieces / Box 40 boxes
* Storage conditions: temperature from -20oC to 38oC
Can KN95 masks be used repeatedly after disinfection? Experts advise against doing so. It is said on the Internet that KN95 masks can be used repeatedly by blowing with a high-power blower for 30 minutes or disinfecting and spraying with medical alcohol. But experts said that many people thought of using a high-power hair dryer to blow the mask for 30 minutes, or spraying the inside and outside of the mask with medical alcohol, hoping to kill the virus attached to the surface and recycle it. As everyone knows, after one pass operation, the fiber filterability of the KN95 mask will change, but it will not play a good protective role.Face Mask suppliers