Product Name:
Plastic crash barriers
Product Introduction:
HDPE material, one time forming, outstanding impact attenuator barrier, traffic facility. Hollow design for Water filled .
Product Details:
Plastic crash barriers are widely used in the crossroads of the highway or other roads, gas stations and toll stations, together with PVC fencing or PVC barriers, it plays an important part in warning the drivers and offering the maximal protection from traffic accident to them. Plastic crash barriers are made with new PE material, anti-aging, anti UV, one time forming, cold resistant, hot resistant, anti-impact, durable. With the water in it, the buffer elasticity will be better, without the water, it can be moved easily.
Plastic anti crash barrier, which top can be equipped with solar lights to improve the safety of driving at night. We have different collection of the anti-crash barriers and different sizes too. Barrier barrels has different measurements to suit the demands. Plastic barricade can be connected by male and female connector area at both side, after filled with water can improve the stability of the barriers. Easy install,easy move,reusable,and efficiency.
Plastic anti crash barriers is a big family, it has road traffic barriers, wheel stop PU ruber block, anti crash barrel, stackable plastic traffic barrier. Choose one of them to increase road safety around your property or public driving lanes.
Parameter Baed On Our Standard Model:
Product NameAnti crash traffic barrier
Product processHollw design , one time forming
ApplicationRoadside, crossroads, toll station, building project and crowed places,
Can effectively play the role of road separation, maintenance of public safety.Bulk PVC Barrier