Company Profile
Tangshan lianchuang industrial (group) a steel process ingenterprise, registered capital is 290 million yuan The group include tangshan lianchuang steel technology Co., Ltd.,tangshan tianyi industry Co., Ltd., tangshan baoyuanda steelsheet Co., Ltd., tangshan jingda equipment and steel section Co., Ltd., and tangshan baole intelligent technology Co., Ltd. The production is 2.9 million ton/year, Our main products are square rectangular tube, galvanized square rectangular tube, hotgalvanized square rectangular tube, cold- rolled sheet, intelligent three- dimensional parking equipment manufacturing. Annual income is 80 billion.
Tangshan Lianchuang Steel making science and technology Co.,Ltd covers an area of 136,000 square meters, the main productsare square/rectangular pipes , hot- dip galvanized pipes, steel sheets, CRC. And annual sales 1.5 million tons. Tangshan Tianyi Industrial Co., Ltd. main product galvanized rectangular tube and produce 300,000 tons a year , covers an area of 60,000 square meters.
Tangshan baoyuanda steel sheet Co., Ltd., covers an ares of 40,000 square meters The main products are high quality carbon structural steel, 50 MN, cold rolled sheet. Product. And annual sales are 100,000 tons.
Tangshan jingda equipment and steel section Co., Ltd. Covers an area of 113,000 square meters main product square /rect steel pipe (100*100 -300*300 / 40*80-200*400 ) and annual sales 100 M tons.
Tangshan Baole Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, established in December 2015, Our main products are: Vertical Circulation Type, Lift- sliding Type, Horizontal Shifting Type, Simple Parking Lift Type, Vertical Lifting Type, Aisle- stacking Type,Multi- layerCirculating Type, automobile special lifts and other series of mechanical three- dimensional parking equipment. The equipment has intelligent operation and nice appearance, it can suitable for various places with the features of high spaceutilization, easy to install, low energy consumption and low noise.
By some years striving Tangshan Lianchuang Industry (Group) has perfected its equipment manufacturing industry. its cuttingedge technology and strong production capacity, Tangshan Lianchuang Industry (Group) has realized the ultimate extension of the iron and steel industry chain and the further sublimation ofthe enterprise from deep processing to high- end equipment manufacturing. The level of equipment is automated and intelligent. The level of enterprise management has been greatly improved, and the double harvest of enterprise's efficiency and social benefits has been achieved.
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