1.Product Description:
- Name: Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO)
- Tech Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
- CAS: 67-68-5
- Molecular formula: C2H6OS

2.Technique Indexes:
Quick Details:
Item Index
Appearance Transparent liquid
Content % 鈮?99.90
Melting Point 鈩? 鈮?8.30
Acid value % 鈮?0.03
Transmittance % 鈮?6.00
Water content% 鈮?.1
Refractive index, at 20鈩? % 1.4775 ~ 1.4790
Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is know as an analgesic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. It is used as an effective drug delivery system and plays a role in drug design. Besides, it has many nonmedical uses, as a solvent, cleaner, pesticide, paint stripper, cryoprotectant and metal complexing agent.
Dimethyl sulfoxide is a clear, colorless to straw-yellow liquid with a garlic-like odor. It is a hygroscopic chemical, stable under ordinary conditions. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a good polar solvent for unsaturated, nitrogen-containing and aromatic compounds. DMSO is miscible with water, ethanol, acetone, chloroform, diethyl ether, benzene, chloroform and most organic solvents. It should not be used with strong oxidizing or reducing agents
1: Its application in medical treatment
DMSO has solution for many drugs, permeability, itself has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, promote blood circulation and wound healing, and diuresis, pin function
2: Its application in petroleum processing:DMSO to alkane insoluble, so wax used in food, the consumption of white oil refining and cancer detection.
3: In the application of synthetic fiber
DMSO in acrylic spinning in the application, the earliest is toyo rayon, patent application, make the acrylonitrile polymerization in DMSO, no separation, direct jet in the water bath, get bulk, soft and easy to artificial wool dyeing. Its advantage is to simplify the process, high solubility, high boiling point solvent, non-toxic, easy recovery, good product performance and low cost.
4: DMSO is agricultural chemicals, agricultural fertilizer solvents, penetrating agent and synergistic agent.
5: DMSO can make dyeing even eliminate the color difference.
6: Its application in coatings. DMSO as solvent, is widely used in the other hand paint. Adding alkali DMSO or nitric acid, can get rid of, including epoxy resin, all kinds of paint film.
7: DMSO antifreeze in northern cold region for deicing agent, paint, all kinds of latex antifreeze, gasoline, jet fuel deicing agent, bone marrow, blood, low temperature preservation of antifreeze, etc.
Package: HDPE plastic Drum, high density & strength plastic Drum; 225kg/drum or1000kg/IBC.
Store hermetically in a shady and ventilating place. Its shelf life is 12 months. It can be still used if up to standard through retest after the specified date.
Avoid high temperature and sun-scorched during transportation.

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