Screwdriver Bits Cutting Lathe CXK32XW
Optional with the vibrating disc as per customized requirement.
The carriage in the vertical and horizontal direction is driven by high-precision ball screw, which has satisfactory dynamic performance and high positioning accuracy.
Form of workpiece clamping: spring collect hydraulic tensioning.
Finish processing requirements completely and automatically, based on per drawing to head shape and size .
Processing capacity approx 8~12 seconds/piece.
The fuselage and main components are high strength cast iron, microstructure stability, ensure the stability of machine tool for long-term use.
The automatic feeding rack.
Can be applied to many fields such as mechanical processing and mold manufacturing, can adapt from roughing to finishing processing requirements, has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, is used in hand tool screwdriver, etc.
Internal details
Processing samplesTurning Milling Machine