Basic information:
Chemical name: 1-Methylcyclopropene
CAS: 3100-04-7
Molecular Weight: 54
Molecular Formula: C4H6
1-MCP is a cyclic hydrocarbon compound containing double bonds, It exists in a gas state at normal temperature, colorless and odorless, with boiling point 12 掳 C. It is not stable in a liquid state.
We encapsulate 1-MCP gas in solid powder, dissolve it in alkaline solution or water, and 1-MCP gas will be released.
We offer:
Nano-solid-loaded sustained-release chlorine dioxide. IT IS POWDER.
It adopts 伪-cyclodextrin embedding technology, and the cyclodextrin and the active small molecule upstream of chlorine dioxide are combined into non-bonded type by van der Waals force, hydrogen bond, coulomb force, hydrophobic force Compound material, which prevents rapid evaporation of chlorine dioxide, improves stability, regulates release rate, and reduces irritation.
The Safety Exposure Value of our chlorine dioxide is 0.01-0.09ppm, less than WHO required 0.1ppm. It鈥檚 slow release cycle is 1-3 months.
Packing details:
Inner bag size is 5X7 cm
Outer bag size isFresh Keeping Agent factory