Sound proof board belongs to a kind of cheap, environmental friendly, heat insulation material and has wide application ranges used. Also, the sound proof board has a large amount of transmission due to a large sound energy conversion consumption principle in the damping layer, and the sound transmission coefficient is low, and the sound insulation amount is greatly improved. At the same time, the composite structure with polymer damping material plays the role of decoupling and damping, which greatly weakens the matching effect between the plate and the system, therefore the sound insulation is obviously improved.
Quick details
Place origin: China
Brand name: Vinco
Model number: V-16
Certification: SGS, CE
Class A flame retardant;
Strong shock proof performance;
Non special smells;
Tasteless & Environmental friendly...
Product:Sound proof board
Main material:Glass gypsum board, damping sound insulation rubber materials
Normal thickness:16mm/Customized
Color:Gray and white.
Installation:Nail it on the wall or use keels together with the process.
Application:Hospital, fitness centre, business hall, rehearse room, recording room, etc.
STC:Highest can be 48dB, Average is 35dB.
Fire rating:Class A
Eco friendly:E1 Grade
Similar items:Cork sound insulation board, metal sound insulation board
Payment:100% payment before delivery
Packing:In carton box, 10 sheets one box.
Delivery time:10-15 working daysChina Soundproof Materials suppliers