Product Introduction
Fan coil type plasma air sterilizer uses pulsed high pressure to form a discharge in the reaction chamber to generate plasma for sterilization. It is a combination of physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science and other technical principles. New environmental protection equipment that sterilizes and purifies indoor air with efficiency and low energy consumption.
Function And Configuration
鈼?Plasma purification and disinfection
鈼?Negative ion clear air
鈼?Effectively remove benzene, xylene and formaldehyde
鈼?Effectively degrade TVOC and other organic substances
鈼?Effectively remove odor, smoke and PM2.5, PM10 respirable particulate matter
鈼?Automatic detection of air pollution, automatic startup when exceeding the standard
鈼?Filter cleaning tips
鈼?Manual, remote control and microcomputer intelligent control, automatic switch on and off in three preset periods, cyclic operation and
Power-off memory
鈼?Cumulative working time display
鈼?Automatic alarm and shutdown of plasma reactor failure
鈼?Automatic alarm and shutdown of fan failure
Installation Area
It is embedded and installed on the indoor ceiling to purify and sterilize the circulating air.
The Main Technical Indicators
鈼?Applicable area: 100 m3
鈼?Power supply: 220V卤10%, 50Hz
鈼?Rated power: 50W
鈼?Air volume: 1000 m3/h
鈼?Ozone amount: 鈮?.16 mg/m3
鈼?Number of suspended particles L: 鈮?0500
鈼?Natural bacteria extinction rate: 鈮?0%
鈼?PM2.5 particulate removal rate: 鈮?9.9%
鈼?Negative ion generation: 鈮?脳106pcs/m3
鈼?Plasma density: 鈮?脳1016m-3

Q: Would you have a discount if l have a large order?
A: Yes we could offer different discount according to your order quantity.
Q: Which field are your products applied to?
Our products are widely used into
Q: Can you provide drawings and technical data?
A: Yes, our professional technical department will design and provide drawings and technical data.
Q: Have your products been exported?
A: Yes, they have been exported to USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Chile,Panama, Nicaragua, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia,Singapore,Greece, Romania,Ireland, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, HK, Hongkong and so on.
Q: How to solve the equipment trouble during using ?
A: Please email us about problem with pictures or a small video will be better,we will find the problem and solve it. If broken, we will send you a new free part if in the warranty period.

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