Brief Introduction
Wenzhou Jifu Hardware Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, formerly known as Wenzhou Xiangyang decoration factory(founded in 1985), through social change and corporate restructuring, Jifu鈥檚 hard-working and innovative quality is unchanged.
At present, the company has a production area of 13000 square meters, with a total number of 120 people, divided into the finance department, personnel department, production department, purchasing department, sales department, product development department and other departments.
Main products: door viewer, door handle, door knocker, furniture handle, door stop and all kinds of door hardware accessories.
Production workshop covers die-casting, polishing, automatic, instrument, optical, injection molding, assembly and so on, each link of the independent production has a good quality and quantity, to provide customers with the best services and products.
At present, the main market distribution of customers is Middle East, Europe, America, Asia and other places. Customers from more than 80 different countries, including Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Spain, France, Germany, Argentina, Poland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Singapore and other countries and regions.
The company annual output value of up to 80,000,000 yuan, and growing steadily by 10% per year. At present, the monthly output: 1 million 150 thousand / month, door viewer: 500 thousand / month, handle: 120 thousand / month, there are two production lines, up to 250 thousand units /month, the rest hardware accessories up to 400 thousand / month.Customized Home Depot Peephole