Product Information
Vinegar Mushroom has an almond flavor, a thick fleshy texture, a soft palate with a hint of aroma. It is nutritious and can cook dozens of delicacies. It also has the effects of lowering blood fat, lowering cholesterol, gastrointestinal digestion, enhancing immunity, and preventing cardiovascular diseases, which is very popular.
Compared to fresh mushrooms, these mushrooms have a long edible period and have a shelf life of up to 3 years. This allows people to enjoy delicious mushrooms all year round.
Way To Eat
Our products are precooked and ready to eat. No matter in restaurant or your own home, there are several ways to eat:
1) Eat directly from the bag.
2) Make soup
3) Cook dishes with meat or other vegetables.
4) Make salad
Main ProductsMushroom In Vinegar In Drums
Material:Fresh White Mushroom
Processing TypeVinegar
Grades& SizesSliced:
CT: 25-30mm
DT: 30-40mm
ET: 35-50mm
FT: 20mm up
FLT: 25mm up
A1 whole: 10-15mm
A2 whole: 15-20mm
Bs whole: 20-22mm
B whole: 23-25mm
C whole: 25-30mm
D whole: 30-35mm
E1 whole: 35-40mm
E2 whole: 40-60mm
Packaging DetailsIn Plastic Drums
Supply AbilityMore than 15000 Tons per Year
Place Of OriginJiangsu, China
MarketEurope, South America, the middle East, etcMushroom In Vinegar quotation