Product introduction
Sawdust pellet machine is mainly used for the processing of eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood and crop straw, bamboo smash into sawdust and processed into biomass fuel. The sawdust particle machine solves the shortcomings of difficult treatment and poor effect on the crude fiber. The main drive adopts the belt drive, the ring die adopts the quick release hoop type, and the feeding adopts the frequency conversion speed feed to ensure the uniform feeding. The door cover is equipped with a forced feeder. The manufacturing process can be used to customize the molds for various raw materials for your various pelletizers, so that the life of your equipment is prolonged, the quality of the products is improved, and the consumption cost per ton is reduced.

Sawdust pellet machine advantages
1. Sawdust pellet machine adopts oil circulation lubrication system and high-quality gearbox transmission system to make the equipment more durable and durable;
2. The overall design of the cross shaft ensures the rigidity of each shaft. The cross shaft oil supply hole and oil return hole are designed with composite hole structure. The overall design adopts the principle of one hole to two rolls, which greatly reduces the friction generated by the lateral displacement of the pressure roller, which is beneficial to reduce energy consumption and reduce wear and improve the economics of the whole machine;
3. Sawdust pellet machine has low energy consumption, high output, strong material adaptability and long trouble-free operation time;
4. The machine feeds vertically, directly in place, making fine, high processing technology, using double-layer body;
5. The mold is stationary, the pressure roller rotates, the material is centrifuged, and it is evenly distributed around;
6. Sawdust particle machine with fineness analyzer, can control the fineness of the finished product arbitrarily, and can crush sawdust particles of different fineness;
7. The product's annular mold, vertical structure, is conducive to the cooling and cooling of the granulation chamber, which can increase the service life of the sawdust particle machine.
Technical parameters
(Kw)Processing specification
XGJ-8503.3160桅4-1210.53500*1650*2750Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine price