The front mount snow plow is composed of integral plow plate and integral plow blade, which can realize the integral obsta颅cle avoidance function, the plow blade and plate are fixed together by the pre-tightening device so that the plow blade is easily disas颅sembled and replaced, and easier to perform replacement and maintenance operations. The cutting pressure angle of the snow plow can be divided into three types, it can remove snow efficiently when snow plows run on different roads. This type of snow plow makes the structure modularize and sturdy and durable.
Working width锛坢m锛?Height of Snow plow锛坢m锛?Running speed锛坘m/h锛?/p>
XCQ70236 3660 1160 40-60
XCQ70233 3360 1160 40-60Front Snow Plow