Pet Odor Purifier
Petwant air purifier can quickly and efficiently eliminate some tough smells for home bedroon living room toilet and office,such as:pet and cooking odors,micro-organisms,smoke and and other airborne irritants,bring you an ethereal ambiance.
Quick Details
Product name: Pet Odor Purifier
Material: ABS
Color: Green/Pink/Purple/Customized are welcomed
Three working mode: Fragrance / Instant sterilization / Smart Sense
Air fragrance: American imported non-toxic GEL essential oil last for 3-6 months
Power Supply: DC 5V 1A (USB cable included)
Item Dimensions: 95*46*92mm
Item Weight: 320g
Three working mode - Fragrance mode:Imported aromatherapy essential oils clear the air safety/Instant mode:Ozone sterilization for 25 mins and air purify for 5 mins/Smart mode:Intelligent fragrance and sterilization, infrared sense whether your pets leave.
Small and Portable - It is smaller than a mobile phone and lighter than a mouse. It can be put in cat litter box, rabbit cage, and a carrying bag. Actively draw smelly air into the device for processing and neutralize odor with a powerful quiet motor fan inside
Easy to take - gently take it down when going out, and hang it easily when going home Seamless paste: no need to punch holes in your beautiful wall Arbitrary placement: bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, take it wherever you go, put it on the table or wood floor, deodorize easily
Our premium air filter that runs efficiently without wasting electricity. The advanced fans and filtering system allow it to run quietly so you can enjoy yourself without the consistent humming coming from the fan.Pet Purifier