Professional Makeup Brush Set Premium Synthetic Brush
Material: Nylon hair + aluminum alloy + plastic
Color: Black and Pink
Quantity: 7/11 pcs

PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP BRUSH SET: 7 pcs big makeup brushes and 11 pcs precise make up Brushes for Eye Shadow, Crease Shadow, Concealer, Blush, Contour, Foundation, Powder, Highlighter, Eyebrow, Lash, Blending, Lip Lining and more, Everything you need for a natural look makeup application is in one set.

VERSATILE BRUSH SET: This makeup brushes set come in not only a wide range of sizes but also different materials, bristle shapes, lengths, and density, meet all your requirements for daily makeup application.

PREMIUM and SOFT BRISTLES: The bristles of cosmetic brushes are well made of premium synthetic fiber, super soft and dense, no shedding, no skin hurting, suitable for even the sensitive skin. Soft but firm to apply makeup. One essential brush set gives you a flawless makeup finish.

HAND-CRAFTED and DURABLE: The handles of makeup brush kit are made of high quality wooden material and high-performance alloy with skillful craftsmanship, ensure for long time use. This classic design handle is soft and comfortable to hold without slip.

How to clean Makeup Brushes:
Rinse the bristles under water.Avoid getting water above the handle of the brush,which can loosen the glue over time.
Gently massage the tips of the bristles with soap or brush cleaner in your palm.
Rinse again,be sure the water doesn't touch your brush's handle.
Gently press on the bristles with your fingers to release excess water.Don't tug too hard!
Reshape the brush head and let it dry.Please do not dry vertically-this will cause water to leak into the ferrule (the piece that joins the bristles to the wand), which will also loosen the glue and lead to bristle loss.

Packing List
7* big makeup brushes
11*precise makeup Brushes
1 * Product Manual
Makeup Brush Sets Made in China