Our Factory
Ningxia Jinbaoxing Activated Carbon Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of coal-based activated carbon, located at No. 69 Chongxiu Road, Chonggang Industrial Park, PingLuo County, ShiZuiShan City, Ningxia, CHINA. It is about 3 kilometers away from 110 National Highway and Shiyin Expressway and less than 20 kilometers to Beijing-Tibet expressway, the transportation is very convenient. It covers an area of 100000 square meters. We have been engaged in production, research, supply, and marketing of activated carbon since 2016.
Our Product
Coal based activated carbon:
1. Pellets activated carbon
2. Granular activated carbon
3. Powered activated carbon
4. Activated coke
Our products can be divided into 6 series with complete varieties, main includes water purify pelleted activated carbon, air purify activated carbon, catalyst activated carbon, solvent recovery activated carbon, food decolorizing activated carbon and activated coke. Our manufacture adopts advanced technology as the guide, protect the environment as responsibility, product quality as life, adhere to improve their product quality and technology.
Product Application
Our manufacture uses the 鈥淭aixi鈥?anthracite as raw material, made by the production process of crushing, carbonation, and activation. Our activated carbon has the advantages of high hardness, developed pores, large specific surface area, and strong absorption. It can be used for removing organic materials and free chlorine in water treatment and adsorbing harmful gases in the air. It is an excellent adsorbent for air adsorption, drinking water, sewage water, industrial waste water treatment, and chemical & biological protection.
Our Certificate
ISO9001, import and export qualification, activated carbon production qualification.
Production Equipment
By high standard and normalization, the manufacture completed 10 sets of carbonized material product lines, 5 sets SLEP activated carbon production line, 4 sets extruded machine and 5 pelleting machines. It has the annual capacity of pelleted, granular & powdered activated carbon 40000 tons and 100000 tons activated coke (desulfurization and denitration activated carbon, main used in steel plant). To improve the hardness, after many tests, we change the extruded system to two extruded, which greatly improve the strength and quality.China Activated Carbon For Desulfurization And Denitration