Founded in 1995, with an investment of USD 15 million, Wuxi Ascent Loyal Copper Co.,Ltd. is a professional seamless brass and copper nickel tube manufacturer in China.
Since the foundation of the company, ASCENTCOPPER has always maintained its good reputation for providing innovative, high-quality and cost-competitive products with unequaled service.
We specialize in the manufacture and research of precision seamless brass and copper nickel tubes. The application of vacuum melting technology, computer controlled casting, extrusion and finishing operations assure our tubes free from defects such as bubbles, cracks, pin hole leaks etc. We manufacture according standards like GB, ASTM (ASME), EN, JIS etc. or customers’special requirements if any.
Advanced production and testing equipments, coupled with over 20 years of experience have enabled ASCENTCOPPER to be the largest precision seamless brass and copper nickel tube manufacturer that serves the sea water desalination industry, heat exchanger industry, electrical, automotive and consumer products industries etc. Our tubes are widely exported to North & South America, Asia, West Europe, Middle East and other regions besides domestic market.
We are an ISO9001-2008,TUV(AD2000,PED),BV,DNV-GL,CCS certified company, and to be recognized as one of the leading copper and copper alloy tube manufacturers, ASCENTCOPPER will continuously serve our customers with superior products and unequaled service.Copper Nickel Tube For Marine Air Cooler in stock