[Staffing Solutions to Manufacturing and Industrials]
Your challenges are:
• Urgent need for personnel due to the operation of new factories
• Difficulty in recruitment of high-end blue-collar workers
• Different area has different labor law, making it difficult for company to comply
• Ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations
• Reducing unnecessary costs
Talent Spot contract staffing solutions can help you to:
Ø Recruiting sales, customer services, and other functional positions on a large scale
ü On duty on time
ü Sufficient experienced and skilled candidate shortlist
ü Replacement on-demand
Ø Enhancing business flexibility
ü Determining whether to retain personnel according to the development of businesses
ü No worries for personnel placement when projects are "canceled, suspended, merged or transformed"
ü Saving costs for turnover management, training, and other matters
Our team of manufacturing and industrial experts specializes in recruiting the following roles:
Industrial& Manufacturing
• Machinist
• Maintenance Technician
• Production Manager
• Quality Control Technician
• General Laborer
Administrative Support
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