Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter for Car Truck RV Adapter DC 12V to AC 220V 230V with LCD Display
Provides 300watt pure sine wave power, 600watt surge power inverter, convering DC 12 volt to AC 220~230 volt with 1 universal AC sockets, 1 intelligent cooling fan and 1 LCD display. This travel-sized 600w power inverter with cig lighter plug is ideal for your road trips, vacations,etc.
Output Waveform:pure sine wave
Rated Power: 300W
Peak Power: 600W
Output voltage: AC100/110/120/220/230/240
Input voltage:DC12/24/48/60/90/110
N. W.:0.65KGS
1. Light to carry , easy to use with cigarette lighter .
2. More convenient , more power to use in urgent
3. With universal style socket for all kinds of plugs
4. With LED display . It is easy to check the situation of inverter .
5. Fashion style and Aluminum shell .
Laptops, TVs, lamps, power tools, battery charger, stereo amplifier, fax machine, pump, drill, media equipment, vehicle, caravans, jet skis, motorcycle, motorbike, smartphone
How to choose an inverter?
For Inductive Load
If connecting with inductive loads (e.g. Compressor, Pump, old CRT TV, Refrigerator, Ice conditioner, Air conditioner, Relays,Fluorescent lamp, Vacuum cleaner), please choose inverter whose rate power is 3-7 times higher than the load's rate power. For example, for a 150w refrigerator, please choose a 1000w inverter or higher; for a 800w air conditioner, please choose 2500w inverter or higher.
For Resistive Load
If connecting with resistive loads (e.g. Computer, LED TV, Fan, Scanner, Fax machine, Duplicator, Sound system, Juice extractor, Heater, Electric cooker, Coffee maker, microwave, crock pot), please choose inverter whose continuous power is a little higher than the load's rate power. For example, for loads near 700w, it's better to choose inverter with continuous power more than 800wPower Inverter manufacturers