Liquid Nitrogen Tank For Plasma Storage
The special stem cell storage liquid nitrogen tank for blood bank is made of full austenitic stainless steel, and the surface is brushed and polished. The stem cell storage liquid nitrogen tank uses liquid nitrogen liquid level control system to display high and low liquid levels in real time, and alarms for ultra high and low liquid levels , Over temperature alarm, automatic control of fluid replacement; there are two storage modes of vapor phase and liquid phase, to ensure the low temperature environment -190 鈩? Equipped with a full-automatic fluid replacement system and a hot air exhaust system to ensure the safe storage of biological samples. Cell cryopreservation liquid nitrogen tank adopts newer advanced technologies such as high-vacuum multilayer insulation, electronic temperature control and liquid nitrogen dispersion to make the process of intelligent cooling and constant temperature uniform and stable. This product can provide two methods of immersion storage and gas phase storage, suitable for long-term static storage of stem cells, plasma, semen, embryos, various tissues and organs.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank for Liquid Nitrogen Storage Only Series
LN2 Capacity/gal0.791.592.645.287.9313.21
Static Evaporation Rate* gal/day0.
Unit Dimensions
Neck Opening (in.)1.971.971.971.971.971.97
Overall Height (in.)16.8118.5421.0226.0225.5129.06
Useable Height (in.)鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p>鈥斺€?/p>
Outer Diameter (in.)8.7811.8111.8115.1218.2720.00
Internal Diameter (in.)6.309.099.0911.6515.2016.54
Weight Empty (lb.)6.8310.5814.3326.4635.2746.30China Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank